Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Show is finally done!

Hope you all can check out the show this April 10th at Roq la Rue Gallery.  Keep posted for new images!


Jesse Smith said...

Can't wait!!!

Kirsten Anderson said...

Your strongest show yet- so thrilled!

TwinkeeFactory said...

I saw your show and you are amazing! I was blown away. You can count me as a fan for sure. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work, and hoping to get my hands on some of your toys! Cheers.

Cranky Menopausal Mom said...

Nathan, my daughter Riley turned me on to your work. Amazing. Your vision of characters in your paintings is so singular, so pure, so whimsical. I just love your work.

And Cafe Bustelo was my coffee of choice, dating back to our years in Puerto Rico. Now I live in a small Western NYS town and can't even GET the stuff.

Anyway, wish I lived on the same coast so I could visit your show. But you have a fan in NYS.